We’re joined by Alex Kahrs  this week.  With both Alex and Chilla joining us remotely, Sorg is in studio with producer Missy and a Slice on Broadway pizza to themselves as we talk this week’s tech news, including:  

  • Hey guys, did YOU know iTunes is now Apple Podcasts? (Sorg may not have known.)
  • Chilla is sharing the Nintendo Switch as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • The Nintendo Switch seems to be doing better at this stage of the game than its recent predecessors.
  • Alex and Sorg are tag-teaming their Awesome Thing of the Week with Adobe updates!
  • Adobe is making development a little easier with their updates.
  • Fan of Illustrator? There’s a plugin that lets you incorporate vector-based images into 3D images.
  • Sorg is discussing Adobe updates with intuitive suggestions using AI integration.
  • Lightroom is getting some upgrades as well – as in a hybrid app.
  • Alex is talking about his transition from Garage Band to Audition for his Podcast.
  • Adobe Spark is offering some premium options for branding.
  • Pittsburgh sent a love letter to Amazon this week, and it’s amazing.
  • We’re talking with Alex about the SoCal bid for Amazon HQ2 in comparison to Pittsburgh’s bid.
  • The giant robot battle happened. We may be a little underwhelmed.
  • AT&T and Project Loon are doing some good for Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.
  • Chilla breaks down the Pixel 2XL and agrees it has a crappy display.

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