VIDEO-Readily Random’s Larry Roberts and The Safety Doc David Perrodin dissect the awkward dance of tragedy and comedy in the podcasting medium and how to lessen one’s chances of appearing insensitive to events that beg the question, “How can you laugh at a time like this?” Well, it’s bio science… Researchers have found there is some evidence that strong negative feelings may provoke positive expressions; for example nervous laughter appears when people are confronted with a difficult or frightening situation, and smiles have been found by other psychologists to occur during extreme sadness. Larry Roberts shared how some of his guests who have recovered from drug addictions and horrible life events inject laughter or humor into their narratives. From a surface analysis, this might give the incorrect impression that the person is not serious about their story. In fact, the oddly-placed laughter is evidence that the person is anxious and seeking a way to feel more comfortable about expressing tragic thoughts.