President Donald Trump is giving himself a “10” for the response in Puerto Rico. President Donald Trump was asked to rate on a scale of one to ten his White House’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico — and gave himself a very impressive 10. Trump was asked to rate the response to the island during a press conference with Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rossello, and gave the following response: “I’d say it was a ten. I’d say it was probably the most difficult, when you talk about relief, when you talk about search, when you talk about all of the different levels, and even when you talk about lives saved, you look at the numbers.” “I mean this was — I think it was worse than Katrina,” Trump continued. “It was in many ways worse than anything people have ever seen.” Trump previously stirred up controversy when he visited the island and tried to reassure citizens by comparing the death toll following “real cat.” Katrina to that in Puerto Rico. “I give ourselves a ten,” Trump repeated later in the presser, before detailing the administration’s relief efforts.
Trump met Thursday with Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello at the White House. The president says the federal government has done a “really great job.” He says he has given his blessing to Congress for a funding plan, but adds that the governor “understands that these folks can’t be there forever.” Rossello said Trump “has been clear that no US citizen will be left behind.” The meeting comes after Trump received some criticism for his response to Puerto Rico after Irma and Maria. Rossello has been supportive of Trump, while the mayor of San Juan has been outspoken in her criticism.
Much of the island remains without electricity several weeks after Maria struck.