Former Congressman and now HHS Secretary Tom Price has copped to almost $52,000 in expenses to fly private planes and it could cost him his job, according to President Trump, who has said he will decide tonight whether to fire him. Price has said he’ll repay the cost of the travel, but where does the GOP go to get back the millions it spent defending his congressional seat in a special election?

Price is not the only Cabinet appointee to bring drama and remorse to the executive branch. Jeff Sessions offered his resignation months ago after Trump publicly excoriated him over Sessions’ Russia recusal and other matters. Trump declined to accept his resignation.

There are other parallels between Price and Sessions and even more Cabinet Secretaries.  Both were seated elected representatives, Price in Congress and Sessions in the Senate.  Other Trump appointees were also tapped from Congress.  They all required special elections to replace them. So add to Price’s overhead the millions spent to keep lefty newcomer Jon Ossoff out of congress.  It’s thought Ossoff spent about $24 million and Karen Handle spent $6 million. Greg Gianforte, the body-slamming wonder, had to run for Ryan Zinke’s Senate seat. We all got to revisit Roy Moore’s politics and the White House even got to repudiate them. Now that Price may be on the way out, is it fair to ask if it was all worth it?

Understand Trump’s motivation in selecting seated members of congress or the Senate was to grease the skids for their confirmation. These guys are known and admired by peers in their party.  But every damn time a nominee is plucked from elective office the GOP needs to defend them and blow a lot of money and watch the “another referendum on Trump” narrative explode.

Why bother?  Nominees outside of Congress almost always exist and are qualified.  Democrats seldom take Cabinet appointees from elected offices they later have do defend.  Well, one of those was notable – Senator Hillary Clinton.  Was she worth it to Democrats?

Tom Price is a fine HHS Secretary but Ben Carson is a fine HUD Secretary, too, and it didn’t cost a messy special election and an arm and a leg in campaign funding to replace him. Why elevate the political aspirations of pajama boys like Ossoff or that singing nudist cowboy in Montana? Was the Luther Strange embarrassment worth it?  Why give progressives and the mainstream media another shot at Trump before he has to stand for election in three years?

There has to be fine doctors in the country who are dialed into the healthcare mess that is Obamacare who can do what Price does, if Trump fires him. Why keep testing fate and spending on special elections that make Price’s private planes look like popcorn?