The longer the NFL/NBA kneeling drama drags out, the more we find out about the progressive politics of the owners and coaches at the top of the sporting world.

Just like corporations seek to replace their American workforce with as many immigrants and visa holders they can, now it seems sports franchises don’t want American fans.  Coaches and owners are taking sides against their American fans, while fans are taking sides with Donald Trump.

Remington Research reported Monday that fifty percent of Americans are less likely to watch football because of protests. This is consistent with trends now going on a year that show the NFL is paying a dire price for tolerating National Anthem protests. Viewership is down overall 8% from last year.  This week’s Sunday Night Football broadcast had an 11% smaller audience than the week before. Monday Night Football had a higher viewship, but the Dallas Cowboys were playing and owner Jerry Jones has taken a zero tolerance view of anthem protests.  Jones and players did lock arms and kneel before the anthem, but rose to their feet in time for Jordin Sparks to sing.

While NLF players, coaches, and owners released statements and spoke generally supportive of the protests, the really eye opening words came from controversial San Antonio Spurs Coach Greg Popovich. The sometimes locker room philosopher and political pundit not only attacked Trump, but suggested many Americans are to blame for the intolerance toward protests, as well as the country’s global embarrassment.

“Our country is an embarrassment to the world,” he said during the press conference.

Of his own players, he said, “They have our full support. No matter what they might want to do or not to do, it is important to them to be respected by us, and there is no recrimination no matter what might take place unless it’s ridiculously egregious.”

Even the most reprehensible defense of protesting the anthem and flag stops at some sort of free speech mumbo jumbo.  Owners and coaches seem content to let their employees, NFL players, protest on company time, even to the dismay of fans who reject this.  Never mind those teams have not tolerated 9/11 or pro-police displays by players.  The instigator of NFL protests wore socks depicting police as pigs and now the league deems it acceptable to honor that even if it means turning off fans and watching viewership crater.

Greg Popovich takes this to a whole new level as he attempts to make it an indictment of most Americans.  That’s right, it’s not about Trump, since it started long before he took office and now fully 64% of Americans want players to stand. Popovich doesn’t like American fans evidently. Guess he believes nationalism has no place in the sports world.  Has he ever been to a soccer match and seen partisans from opposing countries attack each other in the stands?

The Ravens and Jaguars stood for “God Save The Queen” on Sunday morning.  God save them from the British press if they do not. But many on both teams knelt for the American National Anthem, to the delight and the U.S. media and coaches and most owner here. Popovich perhaps blew the cover off the real reason.  Anti-Americanism is now rewarded in professional sports just as it has been among corporate job creators for some time. Unlike corporations, sports franchises are finding out the hard way they can’t just replace American fans.