The mainstream media wants you to believe that Donald Trump went down to defeat along with Luther Strange, but it just isn’t so.

Judge Roy Moore crushed Luther Strange, who was appointed when Jeff Sessions was elevated to Attorney General.  The GOP primary runoff decided the likely winner over Democrat Doug Jones in December.  Moore easily doubled his projected margin of victory over Strange.

Yes, Donald Trump backed Strange, even flying to Alabama to headline a rally this past weekend.  Sitting Presidents stump for incumbents. Trump is no exception.  Still, Trump wondered out loud whether he made a mistake backing Strange, committing to Moore should he prevail, as most polls suggested he would do by the time Trump appeared in Alabama.

But the big loser was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Hours after McConnell became a three time loser on Obamacare repeal, Alabama made him a loser with Luther Strange.  Moore was outspent 10-1, thanks to McConnell helping Strange post close to a $30 million war chest.  Money like that helped Strange make the audacious claim the Moore opposed the Second Amendment.  The once state supreme court Chief Justice slapped down that smear by pulling his revolver from his pocket during hid Monday night rally.

In addition to waving his gun around, Moore also adds his opposition to same sex marriage and insistence The Ten Commandments appear in his courthouse to prove he is not Mitch McConnell’s Republican. “Our foundation has been shaken,” he said in a debate with Mr. Strange. “Crime, corruption, immorality, abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land,” said Moore to Strange in a debate. This is at odds with the “balanced budget, term limits, entitlement reform” mumbo jumbo establishment Republicans have been peddling but not delivering for decades.  And on the day Roy Moore crushed Mitch McConnell’s handpicked opponent, the Senate Majority leader again failed to deliver a seven-year-old promise to repeal Obamacare.  A Congress that voted 61 times to repeal Obamacare when it didn’t matter has been humiliated by horseback riding country judge who ran on God and guns.

Roy Moore should be a template for any primary challenger to a sitting Senator carrying water for Mitch McConnell, or even any congressman reckless enough to defend Paul Ryan. The establishment can’t outspend primary challengers 10-1 in every primary election.  The grassroots should be able to take what it learned from Moore and attack even low hanging fruit.  Every incumbent isn’t Luther Strange or Eric Cantor, but forcing McConnell’s establishment money to be wasted defending even a few of them is bound to pay off.

Trump backing primary challengers would do well in primaries against establishment Congressmen who could not even deliver on Obamacare repeal and are sputtering on tax reform and other decades old promises to GOP voters. Judge Roy Moore will be a friend to Donald Trump and an thorn in the side of Mitch McConnell.

A blow to GOP leadership on Capitol Hill could not come at a better time.