My first guest on the Tami Jackson Show* will be Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson.

Missy Robertson is the wife of Jase Robertson, and an integral part of the Robertson family of Duck Commander/Duck Dynasty fame.

Missy is a mom of three children, a godly Christian woman, an in-demand speaker, an author, a singer, and an entrepreneur who designs modest and stylish clothing for her clothing line, Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House.

Missy also co-founded, with Jase, the Mia Moo Fund. This fund is dedicated to raising awareness and to give financial assistance to children with their treatments associated with cleft lip & palate.

The organization began in 2014 after Mia Robertson, daughter of Jase and Missy Robertson, completed her 5th surgery for her cleft palate. The Mission of the fund is to inform, inspire and improve the quality of life for children born with cleft lip and palate, because every kid deserves a smile.

Missy and I will catch up with each of her kids and her husband, Jase. And we’ll also spend some time talking about her upcoming message at the Mom’s March.

Missy Robertson will be a featured speaker at the Mom’s March for America this Saturday, September 23, at the Ralston Arena in Omaha, Nebraska.

Unlike the anti-life, anti-baby, anti-family Women’s March held last January in Washington, D.C., the Mom’s March for America vision:

Raising a standard to the nation: reclaiming our children’s heritage through faith, family, freedom and the constitution.

See the and sign the Declaration of Mothers at the site!

Don’t miss this compelling conversation with a mom who loves Jesus, her family, and her country!


In the second 1/2 hour I will be talking to Phil Kerpen.

Phil Kerpen 2Phil Kerpen is president of American Commitment, a nationally syndicated columnist, chairman of the Internet Freedom Coalition, and author of Democracy Denied.

Prior to joining American Commitment, Kerpen served as vice president for policy at Americans for Prosperity. He has also worked as an analyst and researcher for the Free Enterprise Fund, the Club for Growth, and the Cato Institute.

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Kerpen resides in Washington, D.C., with his wife Joanna and their three children.

Phil joins me tonight to talk about why the new Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ) Senate Health Care bill should be passed by Congress immediately.

Premiums and deductibles are spiraling upward while the latest official estimates show 1,478 counties, over 45 percent of the counties in America, will have just one insurance company in 2018.

The new bill repeals both the individual and employer mandates. And overall, it repeals Obamacare’s most grievous injuries to constitutional freedom and then uses a block grant to allow the states to sort out the specifics for themselves. This is the last opportunity to pass a Republican health care bill while avoiding a filibuster.

As Phil writes at American Commitment:

The introduction of the new Senate health care bill – authored by senators Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Dean Heller of Nevada, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin with an assist from former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum – comes after so many failed Obamacare repeal efforts that you can forgive the public for greeting it with caution.

But the current law is a disaster – premiums and deductibles are spiraling upward while the latest official estimates show 1,478 counties, over 45 percent of the counties in America, will have just one insurance company in 2018.

The 2017 reconciliation process protecting a Republican health care bill from filibuster expires on September 30. Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson (GCHJ) is the last train leaving the station. All aboard.

Don’t miss the details of this critical legislation!

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