Ground Zero

I apologize to you, dear reader, in advance, as I know most of you really do REMEMBER September 11, 2001 all too well. It’s not you who concern me – it’s the COUNTRY I’m having a problem with.

Maybe this calamitous Iran “Deal” is getting to me, coming on the anniversary of 9/11. It hit me after hearing someone on TV say “Never forget” for the hundredth time yesterday. Never forget? It’s easy to say “never forget.” But tell so many of these same people they might actually have to do something to prevent another massacre like it, and they turn pale with disbelief.

America forgot 9/11 the day it elected Barack Obama.

There is no sugar-coating this. America was “tired of war,” so it was set to lose – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria – any other place there might be a physical confrontation. Imagine, America running like a scared little bunny.

President Bush put in place a military and legal infrastructure to fight the Global War on Terror. He built an international coalition of nations to work with. Obama trashed it.

By the end of the Bush administration Al-Qaeda truly was on the run, Iraq was stable, Libya was cooperative, Iran was on the defensive, and Russia was contained.

If Republicans had won in 2008, a reserve of troops would have been left in Iraq, so there would be no ISIS. The Libyan government would not have been overthrown and left to jihadists. America would have been well-positioned to deal with Syria.

Iran would have been bounded by U.S. military positions. The Iranian regime might have been overthrown during the Green Revolution. The world’s leading sponsor of terrorism might have been put out of business.

That’s the kind of thing that happens when you fight and win, when you don’t give up, when you see it through, when you honor the sacrifice of those who came before you, when you keep your eye on the big picture, when you do what’s best in the long run, when you remember what it feels like to lose, when you remember how it felt on 9/11.

Because we forgot the lessons of 9/11, we elected Obama president – twice. Because we didn’t remember the pain of 9/11, Obama was able to “end” the Global War on Terror by capitulating to the enemies of freedom. Obama dropped the reins, and the hard-won peace went to hell.

Now, we have ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Now, we have an out-of-control Libya and Syria. Now, we have an intransigent Russia and China. Now we have Iran emerging as a belligerent nuclear super-power.

This is the end of the Pax Americana, the achievement of relative peace through American strength over most of the world for the last 100 years. America’s enemies run rampant, with little opposition, secure in the knowledge that there is no line red enough for Obama to cross. America’s allies are left only to their own devices, both conventional and nuclear, and the mendacity of Obama’s reassurances.

Fast forward to 9/11/21. Europe is overrun by Islamic refugees. Islam brings Sharia law and Islamo-fascist government, unofficially at first. Eventually, the rule of law becomes the law of rule as tyranny replaces liberty. The state system in the Middle-east breaks down. Russia moves in to fight for all its allies. Iran’s terrorist network brings Israel to its knees.  Its nuclear ICBMs make Iran invulnerable to reprisal; for unlike America, it is actually WILLING to use its nukes.

All the while, America sits by. Tired of war, forgetful of its past, unmoved by pictures of people being beheaded, or being burned alive in cages, or pleading for their lives, or Christians being crucified. It doesn’t want to put boots on the ground, up some terrorist’s ass. It wants other people to do its fighting for it. America won’t even protect its own borders.

Never forget? This very night, while we sleep, the twin towers of liberty and justice are under attack by Islam-fascists across the world. Does anyone really believe America won’t be hit again?

Maybe we didn’t know enough before 9/11 to prevent it. We know better now, so there’s no excuse for what’s coming. It’s not that we can’t connect the dots, it’s that we won’t connect the dots.

Make no mistake, there is an enemy, and it is evil.

Let me be clear, the die is cast by Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and their like. What they call peace, the enemy calls opportunity.

The enemy advances. War is coming. If we’re lucky, it will only need to be fought in the Middle-east. If we’re lucky, it will only take ten years. This will be the legacy of America’s folly.

Never forget, indeed.