We just dumped Google AdSense.

It wasn’t much in our pockets, but now we’re putting nothing in Google’s pockets. The wrongthink fascists fired a employee yesterday names James Damore who wrote a memo suggesting women lagged in tech because they were biologically unsuited for it. He’s a PhD and sourced everything. In other words, he cited science and they handed him his head.

Reportedly, female Google employees were so upset by the memo they could not come to work and took the day off. Which, sort of supports the science, doesn’t it.

If you’re in a position to hire Damore, that would be the right thing to do. But since most of us are not, it might be the little things that count. We’re moving our email from Gmail as soon as it’s viable. We’re using DuckDuckGo for searches. We belong to two Google groups, conservative, that we’re finished contributing to.

Yes, we’re an Amazon associate and many people have problems with them, too, but this stuff takes time and we’ve benefited more from Amazon than Google AdSense.

So, Google, you’re fired!