Friday night activists from the RebelTV site crashed New York’s Shakespeare in the Park performance of “Julius Caesar.” The play depicts the assassination of a President Trump lookalike.  Laura Loomer rushed the stage and was arrested Jack Posobiec then heckled the somewhat stunned crowd and left.  Loomer was arrested and the play was resumed.

Not surprisingly, some on the right were quick to chide Loomer and Posobiec.

That’s a pretty representative slice of the surrender caucus. French has been at this 20+ years, Shapiro a lot less, but both long enough to understand – you would think- the “that’s not who we are” platitude has gotten us nowhere. Their motive seems to more of crowd control and preservation of their respective perches to actually advancing and defeating the other side. They mock “winning.” Why? Perhaps they don’t want to. They’re bread and butter is a struggle, much like the money would dry up for Jesse Jackson if racism actually did go away.

So this is a pretty good sentiment:

Have to make the big hat tip to Kurt Schlichter, who responded to David French about the assassination porn that is “Julius Caesar.”

You hear the term “tribalism” tossed around by the conservative gentry. that’s partly because “nationalism,” “nativism,” and “populism” lost their punch in the war of cocktail terms. But the most self-important tribe seems to be those who believe we can’t do what some of us have opposed forever – because some of us have opposed it forever. These are the tribalists who, by that logic, can refresh their tribe forever.

Two days after an attempted political assassination attempt on the GOP that wounded five, two still fighting for their live in critical condition, the first, innate impulse of people like French and Shapiro are to eat their own, even if their own protested the political murder porn that inspires the likes of the Alexandria shooter. What’s the endgame for clinging to the “that’s not who we are” platitude for decades? It remains the only argument in the Great Thinkers’ arsenal, and has produced nothing but a progressive stampede over public and higher education, two generations of pajama boys, and now leftist hit squads.

I’m too old to travel to New York and storm the stage of a free and publicly financed performance that suggests the assassination of President Trump.  It may not be your cup of tea but it hurts nobody to do no harm to your fellow conservatives who may try this.  If you do, you’re a useful idiot and bulletin board material for the other side.  There’s no upside to virtue signaling about not wanting to become something you’re not, especially if your ideological elevator music has produced nothing, and has even even lost ground, clinging like a hoarder to your principles.