The alleged shooter at a Virginia baseball field where congressmen and aides were practicing asked whether Republicans and Democrats were on the field Wednesday morning.  After he was told it was Republicans, he opened fire.

While appearing on “Fox and Friends” Desantis described the strange encounter that occurred minutes before the incident.

DeSantis said by phone that as he was getting into the car with his colleague Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina when the suspect approached them and asked whether it was Democrats or Republicans who were practicing. DeSantis says he was slightly perturbed but didn’t think too much of it. He left at 7:10 AM, five minutes before shots rang out.

“It was a little odd,” said DeSantis “that he walked up to us to ask, and then went ahead and it was probably three minutes, five minutes after we pulled out of the parking lot.”

Congressman Steve Scalise was shot in the hip near second base and four others were hit until the shooter was neutralized.  Scalise’s security detail took the shooter down after dozens of shots were exchanged.  Republican representatives in particular are being targeted at town halls, even being physically confronted. North Dakota Republican Kevin Kramer was accosted by a man who shoved money in his shirt.

Anti-Republican violent rhetoric is high thanks to an organized and angry left.  A New York city play even portrays Donald Trump as Julius Ceasar and is assassinated.  The show’s producer insists the depiction is merely art, though sponsors have abandoned the violent depiction of Trump’s assassination.