We endorse Greg Gianforte in Thursday’s special election.

Whatever happened Wednesday night is up to law enforcement and to deal with. In the meantime, this just isn’t worth letting a Democrat occupy the seat until 2018. Worst case scenario is Gianforte would have to leave office, and there be another special election.  Some other Republican would clobber some other Democrat.  It’s critical for Republicans to keep winning special elections because the alternative is a mainstream media and Democrat narrative that’s toxic and unacceptable. Yes, and once again you’ll have the John McCain and Paul Ryan wing of attacking their own. It’s just not worth it.

Greg Gianforte deserves to be in Congress. The local sheriff is investigating. He should take his time. Due process should not take a backseat to political expediency. And again, nothing that’s been alleged is worth a Democrat flipping the seat.

Get out and vote for Greg Gianforte for Congress!

  • MaddieLynn

    Mr. Gianforte, Madeline De Candia, citizen journalist from Lolo, Montana. You just assaulted a reporter who was just doing his job. Does that prove you have temperament and judgment suitable to hold office representing Montana? Does anyone who upsets you deserve to be body slammed? With all the controversy surrounding President Trump, are you the kind of person Montana and the GOP need in the House of Representatives? Do you treat your wife that way, sir? What about your children?