Whenever you hear the MSM or #NeverTrump mock any curiosity over the murder of former DNC digital guy Seth Rich, understand those “family pleas” to back off asking questions are being handled by a veteran Democrat operative.  Rich was shot in the back a year ago.  Police called the killing part of a robbery, but no personal property was taken from Rich.

Brad Bauman is a professional Democrat crisis consultant.  He was dispatched by the DNC to assist in the coverup.  So when you hear about the “family” imploring Sean Hannity or anybody else to back off, understand the man who is speaking for them to make those requests.

1. Bauman Is a Crisis Communications Expert Who Works for a Firm With Progressive Ties & Urged Civil Disobedience to Force an Independent Investigation on Russia

Bauman is entrenched in progressive circles. On Facebook, he frequently unloads about politics, writing on May 9, “At what point are House and Senate members going to stage a sit in on the floor or some act of civil disobedience in order to force a vote on an independent investigation on Russia?”

In 2016, he wrote of Republicans, “The Republican Party has become such a hotbed for scam artists, hucksters and sociopaths trying to screw you that they have straight up started screwing their own clients.”

He’s also a frequent Donald Trump critic. Example from Facebook: “To sum up Trump’s 100 days of foreign policy: Unannounced photo-ops with family members and admin officials and provocative un-strategic bombings and fake naval deployments are enough to show strength to American audiences. This is us getting played.” He also wrote, “Our president has no respect for America.”

2. Bauman Was Executive Director for the Congressional Progressive Caucus & Participates in Storm Chasing

Bauman “worked with major progressive allies to craft and push progressive agenda items in Congress” and “founded Progressive Action PAC, the first PAC to be associated with the members of the CPC.”

3. Bauman Once Worked for Democratic Politicians

As Communications Director for Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy for seven months in 2010-2011, Bauman “managed both congressional and campaign communications for one of the top ten house races in the country,” his LinkedIn page says.

4. Bauman, Acting as the Rich Family Spokesman, Attempted to Distance the Family From Wheeler’s WikiLeaks’ Account

Bauman emerged as the spokesman for the Seth Rich family after Private Investigator Rod Wheeler went on Fox 5 DC television and alleged that a source told him evidence shows Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks before he was murdered.

WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, has done little to dissuade conspiracy theorists, giving comments in the past that some felt implied Rich might have been WikiLeaks’ source, while not confirming or denying it outright. Assange also retweeted the Fox 5 story on Wheeler, a former police homicide detective, who is a Fox News contributor, Donald Trump supporter, and who has a history of controversial statements on television.

5. Bauman Has a Master’s Degree in Political Management

According to his LinkedIn page, Bauman has a master of arts degree from George Washington University in political management.

You can read the rest here.  That’s not to say the family has not been talked out of the WikiLeaks angle and don’t personally believe it.  A lot can happen in a year.  The notion that Bauman is some altruistic protector of the family with no political baggage is nuts, especially if you assign that motivation to Sean Hannity or others.

p.s. Isn’t it funny #NeverTrump and the mainstream media are on the same page on this issue?