Axios has a pretty decent piece speculating that a recording of GOP House leadership was secretly done by the top #NeverTrump creep, Evan McMullin. The former leadership aide was in attendance at a June 15 meeting where Kevin McCarthy and Dana Rohrabacher joked about then-candidate Trump being paid by Putin.  The article considers several possibilities for the recordings, but gives most weight to these:

  • The most widespread theory in House leadership is that the secret recorder and the leaker was Evan McMullin, who as a former leadership aide participated in the June 15 conversation and confirmed the private conversation to the Washington Post. (I am told that the Post, in their back-and-forth with leadership over the story, privately said that the source wasn’t McMullin. There’s no evidence that he was the leaker and I’ve reached out to him for comment.)
  • Evidence or not, leadership sources are privately worried that McMullin had a tape on while he sat silently through all of their confidential meetings. They’re concerned about what leaks could come next.

Forget the fact that the Washington Post won’t cop to McMullin leaking it.  The Post lies to cover its liars and leakers.  After all, the premise of leaking is lying.  Right?

The McMullin-friendly Twitter account, Reagan Battalion, dug deep earlier in the year to find interviews with Milo Yiannopoulos discussing his supposed acceptance of pedophilia.  This wiped Milo off the map, including killing a big book deal and costing him his gig at Breitbart.  Mc-Mullin’s co-creep, Rick Wilson, is an oppo obsessed consultant who doesn’t win elections but fancies himself a digger of dirt.