Democrats will stop at nothing to flip the seat of former GOP Congressman, now Interior Secretry Ryan Zinke.  Even a little embarrassment over candidate Rob Quist’s gigs at an area nudist camp. Quist and his daughter performed at the Sun Meadow Resort from 2009-2014.  His daughter still performs there.  But the resort scrubbed any mention of Quist from its website months ago when the Washington Free Beacon discovered he was a regular.

Quist  says“he will bring the ‘values of rural Montana’ with him to Congress if elected.”  If you  hail from rural Montana and you’re a climate change skeptic, that means you should kill yourself, according to Rob Quist.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle opines Quist falls short of needed leadership qualities with just “singing and poetry” to his credit.  Who knows, a state that went for Donald Trump by 20 points and Ryan Zinke 56-40 may be going soft.  In any event, Democrats will have to put up or shut up on the notion of “resistance.”  If they can’t nail a single special election in flyover country, resistance is just singing and poetry.