UPDATE: Fox News Channel has named an “NBC veteran” as its first female sales manager.

If you were wondering what Fox News Channel’s penance for Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes is, you’re really watching it unfold right now. Fox is taking on new anti-Trump contributors and panelists as fast as they can come off the boat.  Last week Fox announced frequent Hannity panelist and lefty Jessica Tarlov would become an “exclusive contributor.” Yesterday “Fox News Specialists” added chronic Trump basher Dana Loesch and Democrat and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, the least interesting anti-Trump in any room.

“Specialists” features FNC’s Eric Bolling, who is conservative enough but more or less a utility player or journeyman among Fox’s programming.  Conservatarian Kat Timpf and lefty Eboni Williams also co-host.  From Richardson, we got this scorching hot take on the Sally Yates Senate testimony.

Dana Loesch is always good for telling you things you already know and operates under Glenn Beck’s anti-Trump umbrella called The Blaze. MSNBC’s Krystal Ball was a also recent guest.  Are her radical leftist views really underrepresented in the cablesphere? Her own show, “The Cycle” was dumped by MSNBC.  Does Fox feel obligated to give her another chance?  Do Rupert Murdoch’s spawn intend to rebrand Fox so as to give the left and anti-Trump’s a much bigger stage?  With ex-hosts Greta Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly you genuinely wondered where they stood on the political spectrum, but the Murdoch younglings clearly endeavor to give Fox’s longtime political enemies a bigger voice there.  And then there’s Marie Harf, former Obama staffer who is nothing but a perpetual anti-Trump stream of consciousness.  Beckel and Juan Williams were like abortions: safe, rare, and legal.  Fox has pivoted from making the left downright cringeworthy and mockworthy to showcasing the “smart” progressives.

Kellyanne Conway also recently appeared on “Specialists” but the discussion on Obamacare repeal also included Tyrus, a pro wrestler and bodyguard.

MSNBC, CNN and the rest use right leaning panelists to humiliate Trump and the rest of the movement.  Now Fox uses left leaning panelists to humiliate Trump and the rest of the movement.  What’s the difference?

  • I’ve all but stopped watching Fox. I’ll tune in for the occasional wh press briefing or Tucker. I like tucker and all, but its a sad day when the most pure conservative on Fox is an ex MSNBCer.