Stephen Colbert said Donald Trump’s mouth was Vladimir Putin’s c*ock holster. Many people think that crosses a line and should cost him his job. Others like Sean Hannity don’t support a campaign to get him fired.  Of course, this hits close to home, since it just happened to Bill O’Reilly and the left is doing the same thing to Hannity.  Apparently he thinks he can make this go away if our side just unilaterally disarms.  Does that really work?

At the end of the day, does the Freedom Caucus deserve its bad rap?  The group of conservatives in congress killed the first attempt at repealing Obamacare and was savaged – by the right.  But now it’s said they made it possible for the bill to pass this week and worked with President Trump better than Paul Ryan.

In a twist on the right’s relationship with late night hosts, Sean Spicer says President Trump supports the goals of Jimmy Kimmel, who used a recent monolog to take a dig at Trump’s effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.  How’s that for something completely different?

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