Fox News thinks it can make all its problems go away by hiring a female CEO. Sean Hannity is fighting to keep his one time producer now co-President Bill Shine, but the Murdoch boys are “quietly” looking for his female replacement.  Who would last in that job and what do the Murdochs want out of it?  Public floggings of male employees?  Fox is under attack because it’s a successful conservative outlet – for now. Last week the left was after Hannity and Jesse Watters to quit.  Does a female CEO make that go away?

Our grades for the first 100 days – for the media that is.  Hundreds of millions are spent to trash Trump politically.  A fraction of that is spent to attack the media, but Trump still beats the media. What’s the sense of the media Agonizing over Trump’s approval ratings when theirs are worse?

A 25-year old and Ja Rule concocted a destination music festival – in the Bahamas – for millionaires to mingle with girls in bikinis and top musical acts. It’s called Fyre Festival. What could go wrong? Everything went wrong.  Instead of gourmet meals the guests were given cheese sandwiches and instead of top accommodations they spent their nights in tent cities on the beach.  The organizers say they learned their lesson and will be better prepared “next year.”  Oh yeah?

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