If the right wants to recruit on college campuses from this day forward, they have to go around organizations like Young America’s Foundation.  YAF still uses bake sale tactics in a world of community organizing now escalated by the likes of George Soros, Antifa, and BAMN.

Thank God the alt-right stepped up to the plate to organize young voters to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump. If left to college Republicans, quitting would have been the order of the day.  Many such organizations complained loudly about being hamstrung peddling legacy conservatism in an era where Trump turned doctrine on it’s ear.  College Republicans were stuck playing small ball and missing the big picture.

Now college Republicans take a knee again when we need them most.  Ann Coulter was slated to speak at the University of California-Berkeley and it was expected to get chippy.  YAF bailed out and canceled the event not wanting a “circus” surrounding Coulter’s appearance.  The group essentially caved to the left and accepted the notion that we need to give away free speech for safety.  Oh, sure YAF will sue the university and the city of Berkely, just like their GOP mentors in Congress sued to end Obamacare.  The futility apples don’t fall far from the tree in the mainstream GOP.

Coulter is out and the campus off limits, but alternate speakers like Gavin McInnes will take to public places.  He’ll bring security because he’s ready for a fight.  Sorry kiddies, if you can’t play tough like Antifa, you lose.  A few weeks ago Antifa got de-pantsed at Auburn University when the cops demanded they de-mask or leave.  They left.  On the same weekend in Berkeley Trump supporters took along some muscle to assure they’d not get beat up again in Berkeley.  Of course, you can’t count on the Mayor or cops to protect your free speech rights from Antifa in Berkeley, so what these Trump supporters did in Berkeley worked and what YAF did this week failed. Yeah, we get that young Republicans aren’t totally down for Coulter’s nationalist and anti-illegal message.  But she kicks down doors and fights.

YAF “acquiesced,” as Ann Coulter put it. That was diplomatic of her, considering how many of them can take or leave her style. But they invited her knowing Antifa and the school and the Mayor were stacked against them.  That opposition, sadly, is now priced into it. But YAF doesn’t function like activists need to at this time in history.  They refuse to meet their foes tactic for tactic.

In times like this, the right has no use for a farm team that sends the message they’ll cut and run when things get hot. There’s a model for youth activism on the right that served us well during the election, but it’s no longer college Republicans.