Pajama boy and Georgia Democrat candidate Jon Ossoff lives with a woman he’s been in a relationship with for 12 years and told a cable news interviewer he’d move into the district if he won the runoff, and would marry his girlfriend – he did not call her a fiancee – after she finished medical school?

Knowing what we know about pajama boys, is this believable?  I mean, he isn’t legally required to live in the district.  He says he’s “a mile and a half down the street” from the district.  Is that a big move he could not have made already?  Like, if Ossoff, 30 hasn’t married his live-in for 12 years why would we believe he would marry her now?  If he’s actually cool with the live-in arrangement, why not say so?  Nearly all Democrats and probably many Republicans would not care?  Did you know Alisha Kramer (her name) is studying to be an OB/GYN?  Would she commit to this ruby-red (as Munchkin Robert Reich says) district she won’t do abortions?

Is his connection to #GA06 only as flimsy as the millions he’s raked in from California?  If and when he says, “I’ll fight for you, #GA06,” does he really mean he’ll fight for Samuel L. Jackson?

All great questions a real media obsessed with a special election might ask.  A cable host already asked why he hasn’t married her.  This is not that hard.