Cue the retro Batman fight music. The infamous woman from last week’s punch out in Berkeley is named Louise Rosealma.  Nathan Damigo is the guy on the right.

But before you utter that famous move line, “you wouldn’t hit a girl, would you?” know that Rosealma made threatening posts in social media about getting “100 Nazi scalps” and brought a bottle to the fight, ostensibly to do some low tech scalping.

Before she put on a mask, Louise was evidently a mild mannered, if failed wine/coffee shop entrepreneur.  But like Catwoman who fell out of a window several floors, got all messed up in the head, and them embarked on a life of crime, Rosealma joined or found her own crime family with which she set out to pull off her “capers.”

Hat tip The Ralph Retort.  There’s a picture of her boyfriend on Ethan’s site.  That picture says a thousand words.