While the left is freaking out over the Turkish leader’s win – maybe – to secure broad new powers most consider anti-democratic, many Americans are tolerating their own Erdogans – mayors of sanctuary cities and state and local governments blacklisting contractors for Donald Trump’s border wall.

You could say these moves smack of Hitler – his local military governments were tyrannies within tyranny and you didn’t work unless you joined the Nazi party – but that just gets messy and Godwinesque.  So we’ll stick to Erdogan, who leads what is ostensibly a western democracy and even counts NATO membership as bragging rights to that.  But mainly his country has leveraged its role as a Muslim refugee stopping off point to threaten the west and call EU countries Nazis.  There’s a story Erdogan is spreading that Trump congratulated him on the referendum win.  Barack Obama did nothing to clip Erdogan’s wings. Heck, even Marco Rubio offered to go to war against Putin on Erdogan’s behalf.

And so here in America mayors of sanctuary cities and state and local governments threatening wall contractors are little Erdogans – existing in their self-appointed illegitimacy to foster lawbreaking on immigration and using the fist of government to bully local businesses who see building the wall as both patriotic and profitable.  Think it’s dirty money?  Organizations that handle illegals – and oppose their deportation – take in millions as government contractors.

But what’s dirtier is mayors and state legislators who act on no authority to carry out anti-democratic policies like sanctuary cities and blacklists. At least Erdogan has the backing of a referendum. The applicable referendum in this country was a national election where the Presidential candidate ran on enforcing immigration laws and building a wall.

If you reject the illegitimacy of Erdogan’s power grab, you have to feel the same way about mayors of sanctuary cities and governments blacklisting border wall contractors.