The New York Times is now playing a new game in attacking President Donald Trump.  Instead of throwing just their worn out alt-left and alt-moderate columnists David Brooks and Ross Douthat at their loathing of Trump, they added Bret Stephens away from the Wall Street Journal.

Stephens was the WSJ’s best known #NeverTrump.   The Journal pivoted somewhat toward Trump after the election, but it was too late for Stephens, who had renounced the Republican party and joined the chorus that wondered out loud whether a Hillary Clinton Presidency would be good, tough medicine for the conservative soul. Yeah, and there were his fabled Twitter wars with Sean Hannity

Now Stephens is being used as the “conservative” voice with which they can attack Trump at the Times.  To what end?  Widen their readership?  One you’ve heard one #NeverTrump argument you’ve heard them all.

So it was all fun and games until NYT vets started calling Stephens out on some old conservative pieces of his.

Stephens swung back. Bet the big shots at the New York Times didn’t have Twitter wars like this in mind when they took him on.

The thread between the Times Cairo Bureau Chief and Stephens dragged on and even attracted the usual suspects on the left from other publications.

The question is, what did Stephens expect, exactly?  That the alt-left cabal at the Times would unsee everything he ever wrote that takes a side they viscerally hate?  Was the expectation that the Times would move toward Stephens or that he would have to kowtow to them? Evidently some on the right felt Stephens had a better deal coming to him.  It’s a fraternity thing, so it seems.

Those are all well and good, fellas, but did you think Stephens #NeverTrump proclivities would earn him a pass on his entire body of conservative doctrinal work?  At the New York Times?  There was never going to be a conservative voice added to their liberal editorial page They’re exploiting Stephens reputation as a conservatism to attack other conservatives.  The Trump stuff is just a ruse. Stephens fell for it.

Bret Stephens thought he could sleep with dogs and not get fleas.