My first guest on the Tami Jackson Show* tonight will be Shaun McCutcheon.

Shaun McCutcheon was the plaintiff in McCutcheon v. FEC landmark free speech SCOTUS case.

On April 2, 2014, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC that struck down the aggregate limits on the amount an individual may contribute during a two-year period to all federal candidates, parties and political action committees combined.

By a vote of 5-4, the Court ruled that the biennial aggregate limits are unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

McCutcheon, Chairman, was a Alabama Trump Delegate.

Shaun and I will talking about the newest U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch in light of Shaun’s recent articles, “Democrats Eviscerated Gorsuch for ‘Not Standing Up for the Little Guy’ — But That’s Not a Judge’s Job” and “Gorsuch Is Restoring Lost Faith in Government.”

This will be an interesting and very timely conversation about SCOTUS and the role of Supreme Court justices.


In the second 1/2 hour I will be joined by Elbert Guillory.

Elbert Lee Guillory recently completed a decade long stint in the Louisiana Legislature, where as State Senator he worked closely with the Jindal administration to create landmark school choice legislation for underprivileged students in Louisiana.

Originally elected as a Democrat, Guillory made national news by switching to the Republican Party in June of 2013.

In a video statement titled “Why I Became a Republican”, Guillory famously articulated why he had chose to “escape the Government Plantation and the Party of Disappointment” and join the party of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

In 2014, Elbert Guillory would play a critical role in the defeat of Senator Mary Landrieu in his home state.

Guillory has made numerous TV and radio appearances with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Neil Cavuto and others. He has been featured in National Review Online, The Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal, to name just a few.

Elbert Lee Guillory was raised in Opelousas – a small Louisiana farm community where he still resides today. His small law office sits on the same land where his ancestors toiled away as slaves. Elbert was arrested once – for reading books at a “Whites Only” library. Experiences like these drove a young Elbert to join the Navy. In his own words, “wearing that uniform, no one could tell me what water fountain to drink from or where to sit on the bus.”

After serving honorably in the Navy and completing undergraduate studies at Norfolk University in Virginia, his passion for equality and change led him to the blossoming civil rights law program at Rutgers Law School. He shined as a student there and spent the subsequent year, after receiving his Juris Doctorate, teaching at the university.

Guillory went on to work in the Nixon Administration as a Civil Rights Attorney and his next job took him to Annapolis to serve under Gov. Marvin Mandel, prosecuting Civil Rights cases on behalf of the Maryland state government.

Born in 1944, Elbert Guillory has seen what he calls the “rise and fall” of the so-called Great Society. Elbert remains a loud voice for free markets, strong families, independence from government programs, gun ownership and school choice. Telling the real truth about the Democrat Party’s incentive to control and manipulate the black community – purely for votes – remains the driving message behind Elbert Guillory’s America.

I wrote about Mr. Guillory’s party change in 2013 and featured this video:

Listen in as I have a conversation with Elbert Guillory about his Free At Last Pac, the Second Amendment, the election of Donald J. Trump, and successfully messaging the black community with conservative principles!

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