The NASCAR driver has a little libertarian stream in him. Who knew? He hopped into a thread about banning airline overbooking, stated his case, then got out. Were it only real libertarians so succinct. You’d get a a diatribe about hemp, raw milk, bitcoin, and auditing the Fed before a professional libertarian got to the point.

  • ronthornton

    Yet another reason to consider Keselowski a total ass. You buy a seat and that money is gone, whether you climb into the damned airplane or not. If it flies empty but sold out, does it matter? You won’t get off and allow us to re-accommodate you? How about we kick you ass and drag you off…and then we shall re-accommodate you. As for the environment, what in hell does Keselowski do for a living again? I love NASCAR. I love buying a plane seat, boarding the plane, and keeping my damned seat (now, if they want to give me a free plane ticket and pay for my hotel, I might be interested in being re-accommodated). As for Brad Keselowski…I am not much into pompous asses.

    Maybe someone needs to re-accommodate him. Mr. Newman, if you please.