Neoconservatives’ and moderates’ sudden lovevest for Trump seems to come at a cost of his true believers.  If Trump makes Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bill Kristol and Bret Stephens happy with the airstrike on Syria, that can’t be good for Trumpism, right?  Coulter, Ingraham, Mike Cernovich? The Trumpists who signed up for the end to endless wars have a bad feeling about this.  Will the neocons’ exuberance and the true believers’ misgivings blow over?

Bill O’Reilly is under siege but Fox News Channel is standing by their man.  CNN and others have orchestrated a campaign to cause O’Reilly’s sponsors to flee. The basis for this is several accusations of sexual wrongdoing, which were settled by Fox out of court.  These are not recent stories yet only now has the flame been turned up on O’Reilly and Fox.  His show ratings are better than ever, his book sales are not suffering, and Fox shows no signs of flinching.

A Dallas startup is using robot lawnmowers.  Is your job next?  It’s estimated 47% of jobs will be automated by 2034 and there’s no turning back.  Are people justified in being paranoid?

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