Yeah, there’s #Pizzagate.  And he has a little fabulist streak in him.  But, in the words of Peter Thiel, Mike Cernovich gets the big things right.

Cernovich vaulted into infamy on a Sunday evening during a Scott Pelley “60 Minutes” piece on fake news.  Pelley and crew edited the hell out of Cernovich’s segment.  That’s par for the course. Cernovich demanded an unedited copy of the long interview which was distilled into a few minutes. That won’t happen.  For some reason, Pelley opted to make himself look stupid by focusing on the story of Hillary Clinton collapsing on the way into a minivan.  Cernovich reported he was told Clinton had Parkinson’s.  Pelley uttered the idiotic line about believing the Clinton campaign, that said she did not, to which Cernovich shot back, “Why do you trust the campaign?”  Pelley disintegrated into a stuttering mess.

Since that show a couple of weeks back, Cernovich also broke the story about Susan Rice spying on the Trump campaign.  It’s been picked up by others who have added reporting, but he insists on staking his claim as the guy who broke it.

Mike Cernovich is in the mold of the early Breitbart brat pack like Shapiro/Stranahan/Darby/Loesch/Pavlich.  But sadly, time has passed most of them by.  Some embarrassed themselves by going full metal #NeverTrump and most have left Breitbart.  The dogs of the mainstream media have noticed Cernovich and now view him as a big enough threat to their #FakeNews stranglehold to attack him.

WaPo: It’s Mike Cernovich’s world, and you may not be living in it, but his followers sure are

Cernovich, blogging on Medium recently (he also has a site called Danger & Play) says the New York Times also plans to attack him. Perhaps learning a lesson from the “60 Minutes” hit job editing, Cernovich played it differently when asked for a comment on the story they are working on.

And Cernovich can attack the likes of Alec Baldwin with the best of them, reminiscent of the left’s takedown of Milo Yiannopoulos.

If we got something wrong about Mike Cernovich, he’ll be the first to tell us. That’s how he rolls.  But we like how he has taken the attacks on the mainstream media to the next level.  Many in what used to be called conservative or new media have gone Pussy Riot on attacking WaPo, The New York/Los Angeles Times, NBC, CNN, and the rest.  Well, make that more pussy than riot.  Hugh Hewitt has said nicer things about Katy Tur and Politico than the Freedom Caucus. Hewitt even suggested the Freedom Caucus disband for not supporting Paul Ryan as Speaker.  The Weekly Standard has chided the right for its hostility toward the mainstream media. Noah Rothman at Commentary calls the right’s hate of the media “flawed.”

Do times like these call for Charlie Sykesian fraternizing with the enemy?  Or do the times call for Cernovich’s “gorilla mindset?”


  • Vince Iannucci

    The “gorilla mindset” is here to stay.