Race baiter and agenda driven White House reporter April D. Ryan had an impressive spring and will go north with the big league club at CNN, it was announced Monday, opening day.  She’ll be rewarded for her anything-but-journalism style by becoming a CNN Political Analyst.

Ryan’s petulance and combative-at-all costs style will be a perfect fit for the big club at CNN.  She’ll join fake news franchise players like Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, and Jim Acosta.  Ryan, like those CNN veterans, is more about ginning up outrageous video clips which are little more than bitch slaps of Donald Trump and Sean Spicer, than asking real questions about real issues.

She had been a reporter for American Urban Radio Networks – never heard of them – but now becomes a position player for the cable news outlet that leads the league in race baiting wrapped around fake news, CNN.

Ryan threw a tantrum in the White House Press Briefing room when she didn’t like the answer given by Sean Spicer about Russian interference in the U.S. election, a nothingburger started by the Obama administration and carried out in the media by the likes of CNN. Earlier, she was triggered by an answer given by Donald Trump about his efforts to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus.