My first guest on the Tami Jackson Show* tonight will be Brian Trascher.

Brian S. Trascher is a New Orleans businessman who has helped to bridge the divide that often exists between business and politics. As a Senior Partner at Gulf South Strategies, a local governmental relations and business development firm, Brian has worked to give both access and a voice in local and state government to a diverse roster of clients that spans everything from local non-profit organizations to multi-billion dollar corporations on the Fortune 500 list.

As the Principal of Laws and Sausage, LLC, Brian S. Trascher delivers keynote speeches about the public policy process to corporations and trade organizations.  Brian also offers corporate consulting and training through the Laws and Sausage Citizen Advocacy Workshop.

Brian met Donald J. Trump at the SRLC in New Orleans in January 2012 and told Donald that if he decided to run for President, he would be excited to serve his campaign. They stayed in touch periodically and in January 2016 Brian was honored to be named to the Trump for Louisiana State Leadership Team.

Trascher is a former LA State Rep, was the Louisiana advisor to the Trump Transition Team re AHCA, Repeal and Replace, and Gorsuch.

Brian is also the author of the new book (Feb 2017) Laws and Sausage: You Never Want To See Either One Get Made! — tips and tricks on how anyone can influence the public policy process.

Listen as Brian and I discuss his work with the Trump team and his experience at the Inauguration, his book, his assessment on the Trump administration thus far, the Gorsuch appointment and more!


In the second 1/2 hour I will be joined by George Carneal.

George is the author of August 2016 book, From Queer To Christ: My Journey Into the Light.

George Carneal grew up in the ’70s, raised by a Southern Baptist minister in the ultra-conservative Bible Belt where his world revolved around the church, country fried chicken and trying to fit in with other boys.

As disco music pulsated through the speakers in his bedroom, he plotted his escape from the misery and boredom of Southern suburbia before landing in Los Angeles, a city of glitz and hedonism.

Much like Alice as she traveled through the looking glass, this is George’s journey through a queer culture fantasyland filled with drag queens, drugs and dangerous situations before discovering healing, joy and peace in Christ.

This true story (which can be found at his website details his struggles in a religious world at odds with, and often hostile toward homosexuals.

George and I will talk about his story, his leaving the homosexual lifestyle, and the absolute vitriol he now encounters regularly from the LGBT community and activists as he tries to spread a message of love and hope.

This will be an uplifting, absolutely politically UNcorrect conversation you don’t want to miss!

Follow Brian on Twitter at @lawsNsausage, George at @george_carneal, and me at @tamij AND tweet your questions/comments during the show using hashtag #tjrs.

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