Britain is enjoying a surge in their economy thanks to Brexit. America is on the brink of economic growth like we have not seen in 8 years. In contrast, Venezuela, Brazil, the EU are all experiencing tanking economies. The reason is simple: SOCIALISM SUCKS. Listen to the show to hear a man from Brazil tell the story of a great economy until Socialists were elected. The EU is nothing more than a socialism club. Not just one country being socialist, but many under the always watchful eye of Brussels.

Donald Trump has brought optimism into America’s vocabulary again. True “Hope and Change”, and for the better. Yet the evil media, and Satan’s party (Democrats) and all the professors you can shake a stick at all have one mantra: “TRUMP STOLE THE ELECTION WITH RUSSIA’S HELP!” Never mind there is no evidence and yet an investigation going on since July of 2016. With Hillary’s email scandal there was loads of evidence (deletions after a retaining order, smashing cell phones, etc.) and still evidence was in no shortage. Yet that was just waved away by Comey with a “Keep moving, nothing to see here” attitude. The true Russia collusion is with the Democrats. There is so much inappropriate situations. Uranium sales, Bill’s lectures in Russia, Obama’s open mic faux pas.

The double standard is protocol when it comes to democrats. Right down to making fun of Trump’s hair, but don’t you dare say a thing about a Democrat’s hair! Have you (republicans, conservatives) had enough of this? Time to go on the offensive instead of always being on the defensive. We need investigations into Obama on many issues, we need to reopen Hillary’s email investigation the right way, we need a real Clinton Foundation investigation, and all of these not by Congress, but by the DOJ as I believe we can no longer trust the FBI. God Bless Donald Trump.

  • Toledo Steel

    The communist democrats used to hide their admiration of socialism and communism. Obama’s cabinet openly sang the praises of the communist party and their heroes, Mao and Castro along with several of his cabinet being confessed communists and one child molester.
    In the 2016 presidential race, Hillary said “I will be the last president”. Because, her plan to become ‘Dear Leader’ of her communist America was well underway with the groundwork from Marxist obama. How many of you never even noticed Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary’s plans for a communist America? Both repeatedly said how all property and money belongs to the government and only government can ‘take care of you’. A lot of millennials are peeved because Bernie and Hillary said “In the richest nation in the world, you deserve a living wage of, say $130,000 and a free home.” These types of lies are always the bait for the communist takeover. Unfortunately, many believed them and they are upset they did not get their giveaways and free ride. Illegal alien invaders were told by obama “..go ahead and vote. No one is coming after you”.
    Should you read the communist manifesto, you will see the anti-American democrat’s game plan and Saul Alinsky is their method of implementation. Freedom requires constant vigilance.