The House Freedom Caucus killed the vote on Paul Ryan’s supposed replacement for Obamacare.  Mark Meadows and all the rest wanted to be thanked for heading off what they considered a mistake – that is – anything short of full repeal.  Ryan argued it was not viable legislatively and instead proposed repeal in three pieces.  Donald Trump was behind the Ryan effort.  After it crashed and burned, Trump attacked the Freedom Caucus on Twitter.  On Friday they signaled they might moderate.  After all, the Freedom Caucus moderated enough to elect Paul Ryan Speaker.

Since 2002 Mike Pence has not dined alone with women, and he never attends events where alcohol is served – which in public life is probably all of them – unless his wife is present.  Most of us who think straight get where he’s coming from.  It doesn’t take much to get the ball rolling with accusations of sexual impropriety, especially for public figures.  Understand Pence has done this long before Donald Trump came into his life.  The left has attacked Pence, calling the behavior backward and even insulting to women since it implies they might wrongly accuse him.  In a profession, politics, where there is an abundance of temptation and even serial marriages, is Mike Pence doing the right thing.

Speaking of dining out, a North Carolina restaurant recently banned children. They drew the ire of critics, but now business is booming.  So this is how you get to zero population growth!

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