Mark Knoller, CBS’ White House Correspondent and perhaps the most benign journo covering the President, lit into Donald Trump for lighting into the media. Knoller uncharacteristically veered from his signature Five Ws reporting (who, what, when, where, why) and not much else to stand with his media brethren.

You wonder whether the memo went out after Scott Pelley’s dud “60 Minutes” piece on fake news that it was all hands on deck at CBS and time to fire all your guns at anyone who would impugn their reputation. Ol’ Mark is known for tweets fawning over photos of Marine One and Air Force one and has tended to say above the mainstream media bullshit. The burly, bearded Knoller really bared his fangs for a change here.

UPDATE: Knoller clarified his tweet, which was widely interpreted as an attack on Trump.

Maybe next time the old reporter should drop some scare quotes into a tweet like this.