Big night for the Americans at Dodgers Stadium, as they defeated the Puerto Rico team 8-0 in the finals of the World Baseball Classic.

Marcus Strohman, who is black, humiliated Puerto Rico with a pitching gem. Poor Evan McMullin could figure out which identity politics he could call out his fellow Americans for.  After last week’s Trump rally in Tennessee, you can bet McMullin loathes white Americans who dominated Team USA and enjoyed victory on the back of Strohman. It’s not the nation’s values, he would probably argue, to rub it in Peurto Rico’s face, since they are Americans, too.  The games garnered record attendance.  Safe bet McMullin resents Trump’s capacity crowds, too.

You can read all about the highlights here, with video clips of chants of “USA! USA!” which would be hair on fire for McMullin, if he had hair.  He doesn’t have a clue what the “values of our nation” are.