Let’s get this out of the way. Tomi Lahren really stepped in it when she copped to being “pro-choice” to the hen house at The View.  She offered an ill-conceived excuse of being “a Constitutional” and made the poor case that limited government and baby killing could go hand in hand.  She’s wrong and maybe she’ll figure that out sooner than later.

That being said, Glenn Beck trashing her in public, on his show, is pretty cheap.  Why not go on her show and let her respond?  But it’s not the first time the management at The Blaze, i.e. Beck took the outrageous step of ripping his top personality for all to see.  And let that sink it. It’s practically unheard of for media management to excoriate their own.  Roger Ailes, while he still had his reputation, did not do that at Fox, even at the height of the Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity-Donald Trump wars. It took Jeff Zucker the Dona Brazile incident to turn on one of his own.  Andy Lack eat his own, even Rachel Maddow at MSNBC/NBC?  Fat chance.

Despite the rumors of Tomi Lahren being an insufferable drama queen, the fact remains Lahren’s pro-Trump stance has put her at odds with Beck and others at The Blaze. And you can’t tell me Dana Loesch is not a big diva in a small pond. Consider that the pro-choice stuff gave them an excuse to make a move that would have been a public relations disaster had she been booted for her support of Trump.  Glenn Beck has been bipolar, at best, in trying to accept Trump.  And he’s never been reluctant to attack his own star over Trump. Here are a few highlights of the Lahren-Trump/Beck-#NeverTrump struggle.

Glenn Beck, aka The Blaze, is clearly hostile to anybody who doesn’t toe the #NeverTrump line. Lahren is on the way up, while Beck and Loesch and whoever’s left on the air there are on the way down. Beck needed an excuse to strike, since slapping down his top star over her pro-Trump proclivities wasn’t working and would inflict yet another wound to The Blaze. Glenn Beck likes to thump his chest about being a libertarian, but his faith prevents him from adopting libertarians’ indifference to abortion. Nonetheless, like Lois Lerner’s lack of a paper trail at the IRS, once most underlings at The Blaze watch Beck’s treatment of Trump, they understand what the marching orders are.

So consider that Tomi Lahren found herself on the business end of a perfect storm. She thumbed her nose at the #NeverTrump culture at The Blaze, and she became bigger than Beck or Loesch in spite of it. She thus had a target on her back. Perhaps her bungled stance on abortion was just what the excuse they needed to move her out.

At the end of the day, Glenn Beck got triggered.