Tomi Lahren is the hottest property at The Blaze right now. You could argue her star is rising while Glenn Beck’s is falling. She was doing Facebook videos two years ago, moved on to OANN and is now hailed as the face of “young conservatives” thanks to the visibility of her own show and appearances elsewhere.  Or is she?  Friday she flew to New York to appear on “The View” and argued you can’t be for limited government and be pro-life.  Huh.

Donna Brazile finally copped to rigging Democrat debates by slipping Hillary Clinton the questions. She says she will regret it forever but ostensibly believes she can move on.  Can she?  Sean Hannity, on Twitter, called her a friend and appears to be willing to let bygones be bygones.  Really?

The Trump administration aims to make deep cuts in public broadcasting and arts funding – yeah, where have we heard that before?  This would be big, if true. CPB, PBS, and Hollywood are irate.  How can the entertainment industry beg the government for seed money when stars wind up trashing half the taxpayers who fund them?  We’d kill the next “Hamilton?”

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