If you’ve been out of sorts or out of circulation since Sunday morning because of Daylight Savings Time or some other reason, here’s what Iowa Congressman Steve King said that blew up social media an kept the pie holes on cable talk shows open nonstop:

Wilders was commenting on the riots in the Netherlands that followed the ejection of a Turkish Diplomat Saturday night. There are evidently enough Muslims now in Holland that the Dutch can’t toss out a diplomat, which is its prerogative, without watching their own cities burn.

King doubled down on his comments with more tweets and and appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Monday, Mark Steyn sat in for Rush Limbaugh and offered the elegant take on this you’d expect from somebody who has more understanding about the agenda of Islamization in his little finger than Ana Navarro and Jeff Flake have in their gaping mouths.

Steyn is an expert on immigration and identity. There’s no transcript of the Monday, March 13 Rush Limbaugh show as of this writing, so this will be off pretty good recollections of what Steyn said. Monday he argued that Japan, for example, wants no immigration and that their negative birth rate means they are doomed as society and a culture.  Europe, on the other hand, though still experiencing a negative birth rate, has chosen to replace its population with “somebody else’s babies.”  Steyn said the result for Europe will be the same as the result for Japan.  Both will watch their societies and cultures die. For Europe, importing someone else’s culture does not save your own.  Steyn is right.  And he basically corroborated Steve King.  I’ll quote Steyn here with an update when there’s a transcript, but this is exactly what I understand he meant.

Of course, this sends globalists and multiculturalists into hissy fits, but it’s true.  Countries in the east sending migrants to the west hate the west, and sustaining western culture is the last thing on their minds.  Turkey’s President called the Dutch ‘Nazi remnants, even though Nazis bombed and invaded the Netherlands and forged alliances with middle eastern Muslim nations.

But again, it would be a mistake to assume Turkey has any other plans for the west to conquer and colonize it because they loathe the west. And they let it slip out Sunday.

“The sun rises from the east — no good will come from the West,” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was quoted in the local news media as saying on Sunday, a comment that bolstered Mr. Cagaptay’s suspicions that the Turkish government is no longer interested in joining the European Union.

Let that sink in because U.S. and European globalists have fantasies about a westernized Turkey that just don’t mesh with what leadership says and does in that country lately.

Steve King’s only crime is that he’s honest about not wanting a critical mass of Islamization in the U.S. sufficient to torch an American city. Democrat run cities suddenly have a track record of letting streets burn and thugs rob and beat citizenry in the name of blowing off steam for social justice, Black Lives Matter, to wit. It’s not unreasonable to connect the dots and wonder whether these politicians would do likewise for the final frontier of American self-destructive multiculturalism: the sudden mad rush to bestow residency on Muslims who won’t stay in their own country and fight, but demand a cultural beachhead in the U.S. Mark Steyn gets it even if Steve King can’t articulate it.