Jim Hoft, left, aka Gateway Pundit, and Lucian T. Wintrich

Jon Decker, who is a Fox News radio reporter, berated Gateway Pundit blogger Lucian Wintrich Friday in the White House Press Briefing Room. There was a witness.


Wintrich alleges Decker also accosted him in a break room.

For his trouble, Wintrich got a gaggle of his own outside after Sean Spicer’s presser.

Decker denies touching Wintrich.

Gateway Pundit is a longtime blogging site whose proprietor is Jim Hoft of St. Louis, Mo. Hoft was a contemporary of the late Andrew Breitbart. Hoft, Wintrich, and Breitbart reporters, amnog others in new media, have been given access to the White House by the Trump administration. Mainstream media, evidently including at least one Fox reporter, resent them and consider them fringe players and not serious journalists.

Yeah, and it’s open season on Decker memes, featuring the snarling Decker…