Barronelle Stutzman

Lots of us on the right who don’t believe in same sex marriage took a knee on the issue because we believed tolerance on this was the right thing to do.  Many of us have gay friends and acquaintances, lots of them conservative, and we believed moving toward this acceptance would perhaps be payed forward.

Well, the so-called “truce on social” issues so many conservative whitepapers spew turns out is really a myth after all. There is no desire on the left to “live and let” live, as we social conservatives are admonished by the right to do.  Slippery slopes and incrementalism are alive and well in the land of progressives.  Giving in on same sex marriage in no way delayed the assault from the left on a whole bundle of what they consider non-negotiable LGBTQ issues.  The right did not start the War On Bathrooms, but the war is on, thanks to the left.  The right did not start the fight over bakers, florists, and wedding chapels being forced to participate in same sex marriages, but that war is here and the casualties of lost incomes and livelihoods is upon us.

So here’s the proposition for gay conservatives, who have uniquely benefited from the compromise of many of their bretheran on the issue of same sex marriage.  This is a calling to take a leadership position to beat back the progressive machine crushing individuals and businesses who love and respect you but have religious objections to participating in same sex marriages.  Gay conservatives have a special understanding that tolerance and religious objection are not mutually exclusive.

Barronelle Stutzman has gay friends and has had gay and lesbian employees. In fact, she was sued by a gay “friend” because she would not participate in his marriage with her craft and livelihood, which is floral arrangements. Now her lifelong work is being lawyered up out of existence.  Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado are being bled to death by legal fees they must incur in a similar fight. The story is being repeated all over the country.

Gay conservatives got a big gift from a political movement that was opposed to same sex marriage only until the last few years.  At the risk of making this sound like an accounting transaction, it’s time to pay that back.  Get in this fight. It can’t be won without you. It’s not enough to phone it in, mention the issue in your books, or just out yourself and express solidarity.  Many social conservatives gave at the office here – Barronelle Stutzman, to wit. She asks only to freely exercise her religion, but has been hung out to dry.  Pay her back, gay conservatives.  Please.

Thank you.