My one and only guest is my good friend and author, D.S. Edwards, for a conversation about his action-packed new novel, Rise of the Faithful.

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Steve grew up in Eastern Oregon, in a one stoplight town. His father was a school teacher, who would also take a job on a local cattle ranch in the summer to make ends meet.

Everything he needed to know about life, and hard work, he learned by watching his dad in front of a blackboard, or on the back of a horse.

Edwards was always interested in the creative process, and for a few years, in the early 2000’s, produced and hosted a national outdoor television show, Hunting in God’s Country.

Hunting in God’s Country ran for 3 seasons on the Outdoor Channel during prime time.

D.S. Edwards has lived in rural Eastern Oregon his entire life, and currently resides on a small ranch with his family. His neighbors include a large herd of deer, and elk.

I had Steve on the show in May 2014 to talk about the first book in the series, Collective Retribution. I had a hard time believing it was a first novel for the outdoorsman. That first effort captured my unwavering attention from page one. If you like the action of Brad Thor’s or Vince Flynn’s novels, you’ll most likely appreciate Rise of the Faithful, book two in the Collective Retribution series.

Page-turner Rise of the Faithful tells a story of life in post EMP attack America, where lawlessness abounds and survival is never assured.

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