It takes somebody as white as Chelsea Clinton to set a black guy like HUD Secretary Ben Carson straight on the slave experience.  Carson argued slaves were a lot like immigrants – albeit brought here against their will.  The former brain surgeon went on to say slaves “worked even longer, even harder for less.”  Chelsea strutted her white privilege and slapped down uppity black Ben Carson.

Carson was spot on when it came to slaves working longer – generations – for less. Of course, Carson later clarified his comments about slaves “hoping for better lives,” first made on Sunday’s “Meet The Press.” But apparently Chelsea Clinton can now break the unwritten rule that says persons of color can freestyle about the slave experience and white people can’t refute them.

Can you think of anybody on the right who every got away with calling out an African-American who took liberties with their status as the descendants of slaves?  Nobody.  But evidently she of multiple mansions, sky high and sketchy, foundation income, and a doting press eager to make her what her decrepit mother could not be, gets to take down a self-made descendant of slaves with impunity.

You have to like the cut of Ben Carson’s jib. He’s conservative.  He’s brilliant.  He’s a person of color who has now seems to have a penchant for making whitey on the left look stupid.  You go, Ben.