Democrats didn’t worry that the Muslim Brotherhood was being placed in the Obama administration. Democrats never worried that many Democrat senators also met with Russian ambassadors. They point fingers at Republicans that they accuse of having connections with Russia to alter our elections, yet they didn’t seem to mind that Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Tip O’Neil actually did turn to the Russians to try and have them help sway our elections. The Democrat’s strategy is to claim Russians and Republicans are a team together. You will hear this for the next four years. Make a scandal where none exists. Sadly, there are those in the media all to eager to help Democrats perpetuate this lie. Sadly, there are those of our fellow Americans all to eager to believe this lie. Propaganda, brainwashing and Social engineering is being done right before your eyes. As soon as Trump does something good, the Shadow Government will release another fake accusation to take the good out of the news cycle. Democrats can not govern well, but they can manipulate people and the news. Just ask Mika. It is their job to control what you believe, NOT TRUMP!