The amount of adversity that Trump is receiving, along with most, if not all who are connected to him is is paramount. Reasons stemming from political, ideological, propaganda, loyalty to Obama, and even just plain radical Liberals. Be it the media, Democrat politicians, Left wing loons throughout our nation and even some still doing Obama’s bidding in many agencies. All who think they are the good guys. Trump is worse than ISIS! All social engineered for decades into believing this is an open country for anyone to come. This is a country of laws can be ignored, no ethics, no morals, just do it if it feels right for you. Any attempt Trump tries to bringing sanity to our country is met with name calling, violence, and anarchy, all because they say Trump with bring name calling, violence, and anarchy… how ironic. Watch Trump speak to Congress. I believe the Democrats will try to make it a circus with their own “YOU LIE” moments. Trump has exceeded many conservative hopes that he would accomplish much in his first 30 days and he has. No praise form the media. The social engineered lambs on the left are eating up the CNN, MSNBC, etc. false reports on how he is doing. Remember, according to Mika, It is the media’s job to control you and tell you what to think. God Bless Trump and God Bless America.