Sean Spicer suggested “a greater enforcement” of marijuana laws during Thursday’s press briefing.  Several states have legal weed, except marijuana is still a Schedule I drug as far as the Feds are concerned.  The DEA under Obama did nothing to loosen the restrictions on pot, though it largely looked the other way when states legalized it.  Would Trump be making a mistake?  We’ll also talk about the stealth Twitter group called Reagan Batallion and offer some theories as to who they are – something a couple of pieces on them don’t seem to think matters.  We do.

Drug laws may be a Federal issue, but this week the Trump administration made bathroom laws a states issue.  Despite the outrage by the left, very few states have laws like North Carolina’s.  Trump won’t get in the way of them being passed, but does it matter?

He’s a 28 year old Swede named Feliz Kjellberg.  He’s 28 years old and is the King of YouTube.  Then, after a couple of videos dealing with Nazis, he was thrown out of a business arrangement with Disney’s Maker Studios in which he co-owns a network called Revelmode which produces videos and apps.

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