What a week! We saw a great press conference and Florida Trump event. We saw the media becoming irrelevant other than to the far left base. We saw a litany of Trump progress through his walking us through what he has done. However, we also saw what seems to be treasonous behavior by any one or more of government agencies that may have Obama-ites illegally spying and leaking information. We have heard that Obama may be forming a shadow government, and even having thousands of minions to do his protesting at town halls. We have seen RINO McCain throwing Trump under the bus while the Senator is in another country. As always, we have seen the left wing media become more violent in their rhetoric and bias. It is now time for you, the patriots of our country to support Trump vocally loud and proud. Do not let the media and the left wing loons define him. If Trump fails, so goes the nation. I for one do not want to become The Socialistic states of America. God Bless America. – This and much more on The Marty O Radio Show