President Donald Trump followed up a contentious press conference on Thursday with an even more confrontational Tweet Friday.

The media gentry – even on the right – bristle at this, but it’s what his base wants to hear, and it explains the vast majority of opposition to him in Washington.  In fact, two thirds of all voters agree – the press is tougher on him than they were on Barack Obama.

The hysteria that drives some to envision replacing Donald Trump now focuses on his “competence.”  True believers want to use the 25th Amendment to declare him incapacitated.  Not long ago, Trump was Hitler.  Now he’s incapacitated.

The NFL is threatening Texas, and Texas is threatening the NFL, over another bathroom bill. And in related news. A Washington State florist was ordered to pay a fine for not rendering services to a gay couple.  She said she’ll take it to the Supreme Court.

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    Fox News still CYA with loaded adjectives and negative inuendo. Fake (or misleading) news: IS the enemy of ALL progress! Disappointed!