Mix one part Nancy Pelosi, one part Maxine Waters, and add a touch of Elizabeth Warren and stir. Sprinkle in a dash of Schumer and a dollop of left wing bias media’s “Fake News” and let sit for 4 years. Spread on top your choice of Soros funded protesters or non fattening liberal judges. Result: a huge amount of losses across the country in local elections right on up to Congressional seats.

The Democrats are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they work with President Trump and things improve in our country they will be seen as the ones that made things bad all along in the past 8 years. If they oppose President Trump at every turn by means of the only defense they have… Challenging in the courts, they will be, and are seen, as obstructionists. They will be seen as a Congress that does less than the Republicans did under Obama’s 8 years. They have chosen the latter.

The left has their armies: The left wing media, college snowflakes, Soros funding, and politically ignorant zombie followers. Yes, they can do harm to Trump’s agenda. Truth be told they are having some success against Trump with their fake news and propaganda. More so even than the Republicans did against Obama. They failed to stop Obama at every turn.

Yet, the JFK type of Democrats are waking up to see how their once proud and rational party has been taken over by lunatics with extreme negative causes. Let us pray they fail. God Bless America.