My guest on the Tami Jackson Show* will be Dr. P.H. Cochran.

Dr. P.H. Cochran

Otherwise known to me as “Dad”!

Patrick Cochran was born and raised in Iowa, the son of a finish carpenter. Cochran moved to Oregon to attend what was then Oregon State College (Go Beavs!), earning a Masters and PhD in Soils Science.

Mid-Masters studies, Patrick met and married Joan Meland, and never did return to Iowa. After completing his post-Bacc degrees, the Cochran family moved to New York where Pat was a prof at Syracuse University for two years.

After this, a providential job offer prompted a move back to the Northwest where the family settled permanently in Bend, Oregon, the High Desert — or as we liked to call it, “God’s Country.”

Patrick worked at the Silviculture Lab in Bend until his retirement in the mid-90’s. He was asked to pastor a very small church east of Bend and did so enthusiastically for about 14 years.

Over the years Cochran was a deacon at First Baptist Church, taught Sunday School, Apologetics, and preached at churches throughout Central Oregon when they were in between pastors.

This will be perhaps the most fun show I’ve ever done. Pat/Dad and I will discuss his background — how in the world did an Iowa small-town boy with no means but boatloads of stubbornness end up in Bend, Oregon? How did he decide on Soils Science as a major?

Summers spent at Pringle Falls where Patrick did research

Dad taught me about worldviews and politics and critical thinking. He taught me the importance of always doing the right thing, to respect people and God’s Word.

Patrick Cochran

Patrick Cochran and I will cover:

  • the difference between Democrats and Republicans
  • can Christians really be Democrats?
  • the “Environmentalists” effects on forests/public lands
  • Election 2016 — the results and fallout
  • the importance of the Supreme Court
  • education in America, the prominence of intolerant, secular humanism
  • the importance of America befriending Israel
  • “Dad sayings”

And more. It will be an hour jam-packed with the precepts and principles I learned growing up!

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