Former President Barack Obama got back to business after sun and surf with Richard Branson on the mogul’s private island. He fired off an endorsement of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“As Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti has delivered by raising the minimum wage, creating jobs and expanding economic opportunity,” Obama said in remarks quoted in a statement from the Garcetti campaign.

“This past November, Eric led the campaign to pass the largest transportation infrastructure measure in our nation’s history. Eric is my friend, a loyal ally and a great and visionary Mayor of Los Angeles. I strongly endorse Eric Garcetti for a second term as Mayor of Los Angeles.”

Garcetti is perhaps the most prominent mayor of a major us city standing for re-election who also spares no rhetoric standing up to President Trump’s plans to end sanctuary cities and ban travel from terror hot spots.  “Mom Jeans” stuck to Obama given his penchant for wearing jeans with a sharp crease, like your mom would give you.  Garcetti got tagged “Mayor Yoga Pants” by a local talk radio duo.  The mayor is a reputed yoga guru. John and Ken stuck the nickname on him after spotting him wearing spandex exercise pants.