Hot! Hot! Hot! The Berkeley riots are much bigger than free speech on campus or Milo Yiannopoulos. The rioters are paid organizers who get funding from progressive groups, usually under the umbrella of George Soros.  They also get cover from local government and law enforcement administration. Officers are ordered to stand down, let the rioters burn and destroy and beat, and dispense advice on social media to innocent bystanders to run for cover.  That’s not law enforcement.  That’s a corrupt protection racket.

President Trump appears to be attempting to strike a balance between LGBTQ workplace rights and religious freedom.  He declined to rescind an Obama executive order extending workplace rights to contractors of the Federal government. However, there is still a draft of an order which would protect individuals and businesses from being required to provide services to LGBTQ individuals and events if the individual or business has a religious objection.  Can Trump walk this tightrope?

Finally, Why can’t the mainstream media understand that the Super Bowl isn’t political?

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