No Madonna, Ashley Judd, or other celebrities will make our celebration diminished in any way. No amount of media lying, and bias also helped to elect our new President in the first place, will make our victory any less legitimate. To see our new President and his wife show grace and class inspired those that voted for him and even brought rational Democrats to Trump Tower to talk. This is our country, and it is also the country to those who lost. Unlike Obama telling Republicans to sit in the back of the bus, President Trump will negotiate what is best for all of America. Yes, he has people in his way… Schummer, McConnell, and others, but all eyes are on those that behave with a political fever opposed to open minds. Do not be silent. Do not let Democrats define this Presidency with their lies and propaganda. Speak out and defend our President, and defend the United States of America. (Also on The Marty O Radio Show a place to see Dinesh’s movie of Hillary and the History of the Democrat party for free!)